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Bruce was Jealous over Demi Hooking Up with Ashton

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis famously gets along with ex-wife Demi Moore‘s new husband, Ashton Kutcher – but, he reveals, it wasn’t always so easy.

The Live Free or Die Hard star, 52, who has said he even vacations with his ex and Kutcher, tells the July issue of Playboy that it was pal Will Smith who helped him get over his jealousy when Moore and Kutcher first started dating.

“During some very dark hours he talked to me about it,” Willis says. “He said, ‘Dude, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to get the kids and all the spouses or the girlfriend together. You’ve got to show your kids it’s okay.’ It was like a light went on. Ding. So Will, thanks. And thanks for all those good movies you’re making.”

(The New York Post’s Page Six column was first to report those comments.)

Of course, now he and Kutcher, 29, are pals. “In the luck of the draw I am fortunate to have Ashton in the family,” Willis says. “It took a long time for people to wrap their minds around the fact that I could be friends with my ex-wife’s new husband, but we are friends.”


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Leo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Ends Wedding Rumors

Bar Rafaeli

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s supermodel girlfriend has put an end to speculation the couple plan to wed, by claiming she doesn’t believe in marriage. Israeli beauty Bar Rafaeli , who has been dating the Titanic star for over a year, also reveals she isn’t pregnant, despite reports to the contrary.

She tells the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, “The truth is I don’t believe in marriage. A couple doesn’t need a contract.”

Ten dollars when he proposes, she says yes!


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Cameron Diaz tells Angel to make his Mouth Disappear

Criss Angel

Magician Criss Angel has been cracking open is pie hole and professing love and crap when talking about Cameron Diaz lately.

After a New York City stunt on Monday in which he escaped from a concrete block suspended over Times Square, Angel, 39, told the crowd, “I’d like to dedicate this to my girl Trouble, a.k.a Cameron. I love you, baby.”

But back in Las Vegas Tuesday at a viewing party for the third season premiere of his show Mindfreak, Angel told People magazine: “I just said that because everyone was hounding me about it and at the end of the day I got it out there, so my professional life is there, my personal life is here.”

Everyone? Who is everyone? I haven’t seen any paparazzi following him anywhere. 

So is the romance real or an illusion?

“She’s an amazing person,” Angel says, “and I wish her the best with her Shrek tour right now, and I’m not going to discuss Cameron anymore.” (Diaz, 34, did not join Angel at the viewing party – she is in Europe promoting Shrek the Third.)

Uhhh huh.  Cameron probably got wind of his little verbal diarrhea and told him to shut his pie hole.


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Brad & Angelina will Hookup Later

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

In the July issue of Esquire magazine, Angelina Jolie shares some insight on what makes her relationship with Brad work.

“I try to make sure that my relationship with the man in my life is solid and complete and we’re very connected and having a great life together and enjoying our children and being part of the world. So that’s my life,” she says.

”We don’t go to parties. We hardly ever leave the house. We try to schedule time when we’re alone,” says Jolie, who sports various tattoos, wore a vial of Billy Bob Thornton‘s blood around her neck during their marriage, and was blamed for Pitt’s divorce from Jennifer Aniston – which Pitt has denied.

”Some people have their lives together and then they have their children,” says Jolie, who stars in Viacom Inc.’s upcoming Paramount Vantage film A Mighty Heart. ”Brad and I are starting with the children and are planning to have our time together in our later years.”


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Hugh Grant Wants to Hookup with Someone

Hugh Grant

Movie star Hugh Grant is unsure about marriage as he has seen other couples lose their passion for each other when they wed. The British bachelor boy split up from socialite girlfriend Jemima Khan in February after three years together and was previously in a long-term relationship with model/actress Elizabeth Hurley.

While he admits being single at his age is worrying him, he’s still not convinced marriage is the best option. He says, “It’s true that my age sometimes worries me. Each birthday is an almost unpleasant date – I told myself that being single in your thirties is fine, but at 46 it’s a bit worrying.”

“I would like to get married, but at the same time I’m horrified by those couples that I see around me and the lack of affection and passion that can result from the passing of time.”

This has nothing to do with what he said but looking at that picture, he’s one who got better with age didn’t he?   Hot!


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Angelina & Brad Hookup in the Tub

Angelina Jolie

“I don’t know how he does it, but … I talk a lot in the bath,” the actress and UN goodwill ambassador, 32, tells Marie Claire magazine for its July issue. “It’s easier to talk when you’re naked … Get naked with me, and I’ll talk! “

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Angie Everhart Says she Married the Wrong Hamilton

Angie Everhart

Actress Angie Everhart is a big fan of her ex-father-in-law George Hamilton and wishes she’d married the veteran actor instead of his son, Ashley. The star married Hamilton Jr. in December 1996, but the couple split after only three months together.

And now Everhart regrets choosing to wed Ashley over his “class act” father.

Speaking to talk show host Larry King, she says, “(George Hamilton)’s absolutely a class, class act. He’s so much fun. He’s very funny, too. I married the wrong one!”

Source:  Star Pulse News

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