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Divorce on the Horizon for Dermot Mulroney

Dermot Mulroney & Catherine Keener

Dermot Mulroney, the hot stud that he is,  has filed for divorce from his wife, actress Catherine Keener, according to papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Huh, this must’ve flown under the radar, I didn’t even know they were married and actually forgot she existed.

Mulroney cites “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce. According to court papers, filed June 8 and released Monday, the couple separated in May 2005.

The couple, who wed in 1990, have a 7-year-old son, Clyde Keener Mulroney. In the documents Mulroney requests joint legal and physical custody of their son, and for property rights to be determined by the courts.

Keener has been nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar twice, in 2000 for Being John Malkovich, and in 2006 for her role as Haper Lee in Capote. She also starred in the comedy hit, The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

Mulroney stars in the new movie Georgia Rule with Lindsay Lohan, and has also appeared in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Must Love Dogs, and with Keener in 2001’s Lovely and Amazing.

Hope it’s amicable and easy on the kid. 

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Anne Heche’s Hubby Reminds Us of the Obvious

Anne Heche and Coley Laffoon

We saw this coming!

The latest in the bitter divorce between Anne Heche‘s and her estranged husband Coley Laffoon – Lafoon is  now questioning Heche’s parenting skills and accuses the actress of resorting to lies to win custody of – and destroy his relationship with – their 5-year-old son Homer.

You know he’s regretting every red flag he ignored 

In an L.A. Superior Court filing released Thursday, Laffoon calls Heche’s previous declaration – in which she insists she has a close relationship with her son despite her show-business obligations – “replete with blatant falsehoods.”

According to the papers, “[Heche’s] credibility should also be called into question as a result of her mental instability which was highly publicized in her [2001] autobiography entitled Call Me Crazy.”

That self-entitled book is biting her in the ass isn’t it?

Laffoon, 33, a former videographer who married Heche in 2001, maintains he has always been Homer’s primary caretaker. Now, he says, in an attempt to gain full custody of their son Heche, 38, is “desperately trying to throw mud against the wall hoping that something will divert the eyes of the Court away from the true facts of this case.”

He calls it mud, we call it shit.

The legal documents, which contain declarations from friends and nannies praising Laffoon’s relationship with his son, detail incidents including several in which Laffoon says Heche was drunk and belligerent.

That can be the name of her reality show – Anne Heche: Drunk and Belligerent

Laffoon’s declaration also claims Heche allowed her son to sleep in bed with her and new boyfriend (Men in Trees costar) James Tupper, breaking a previous agreement with Laffoon not to tell Homer that Tupper was her boyfriend.

Now that’s some tacky shit! More proof!  More proof!

The filing seeks to refute many of Heche’s earlier claims – among them that Laffoon frequents strip clubs, plays poker and ping-pong and watches online porn.

Sounds like typical male behavior where’s the problem? lmao

“The truth is that [Heche] loves to play poker, too,” Laffoon states, describing the former couple’s regular Thursday “Heche-Laffoon poker nights.”

Answering allegations that he had a penchant for porn, Laffoon claims: “I have never been preoccupied with sexually graphic material…[Heche] and I occasionally watched porn when we were together.

I wish he’d elaborate, was it girl-on-girl porn?

As for the strip clubs, Laffoon states that the last time he visited a strip club was with Heche, Tupper and Tupper’s then-wife, as well as several Trees cast members. “I did not know at that time that [Heche] was having an affair with James, nor did James’ wife,” he says in the filing.”

Damn she’s bold!  I can picture her playing footsie with Tupper under the table as the lights dimmed.

Heche’s rep declined to comment .

Of course the rep declined, he knows his client is crazy as hell!  

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Curb Your Enthusiam Star and Wife Split

Larry David and wife Laurie

Curb Your Enthusiasm creator and star Larry David and his wife, eco-activist Laurie David, have split after 14 years of marriage, a rep for the couple confirms.

“It’s completely amicable,” says the rep. “They are both really sad but they are great friends and they are still spending a lot of time together at their LA home with their kids.”

The Davids have two children, Cazzie, 12, and Romy, 10, who last month appeared with their father in an episode of Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel.

News of the divorce was first reported by the New York Post‘s Page Six column.

Although Laurie, 49, was a producer of An Inconvenient Truth, last year’s Oscar-winning Al Gore documentary about global warming, and recently toured with Sheryl Crow to shed awareness of the state of the planet, Larry, 59 (who also helped create, write and executive produce Seinfeld), has long joked about her environmental work – among other things.

In 2005, he told Peopole, “I think you probably read where I said I thought I married a narcissistic, materialistic kind of princess from Long Island, and it turns out that she completely misrepresented herself.”

Of her hard work on behalf of Mother Earth, he said, “She gets up now at 5 o’clock in the morning. I will wake up and I’ll see her at the computer, which she’s already been at for two hours. ? I hardly ever see her except when she’s telling me she’s giving my car away or I have to appear somewhere on behalf of [the environmentally friendly hybrid car] Prius.”

All kidding aside, he added, “There is nothing selfish about her motives in any way. This is just in her blood to do something about global warming, and I’ll be damned if she’s not going to.”

In turn, Laurie had praise for his skills as a parent. “He was a performer who was a comedian. What do they know about being fathers? But he’s the best father in the whole world,” she also told People in 2005. “I never expected that. I knew I wanted to be a good mother and thought that could cover for both of us, but it was a nice gift to find out he was a good dad.”


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Kate and Owen Split. Again.

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have broken up, a source who knows the pair tells People magazine.

“They’re still friends,” says the source, adding that the two split just before Memorial Day weekend.

The cause of the breakup wasn’t immediately known.

Wilson, 38, and Hudson, 28, who starred together in 2006’s You, Me and Dupree, recently had become increasingly open about a relationship that began quietly last fall and developed across many time zones. They were spotted strolling the beach in Australia (where Hudson was filming Fool’s Gold with Matthew McConaughey), nuzzling at a Santa Monica restaurant, kissing at Hudson’s April 19 birthday in New York, and getting cozy on vacation in Hawaii.

Last month, Hudson joined Wilson at the Dallas premiere of his comedy The Wendell Baker Story and stepped out with him at a party after the film’s LA premiere, where the couple held hands, stroked each other’s backs and rocked out to classic rock tunes together.

Hudson, who split with husband Chris Robinson last August and is mother to 3-year-old Ryder, had won the approval of lifelong bachelor Wilson’s family.

“He seems very happy,” Owen’s younger brother, actor Luke Wilson, told People in April, while older brother Andrew Wilson called Hudson “the world’s most beautiful tomboy … She’s a great person.”

Reps for Hudson and Wilson declined to comment.


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“The Rock” and Wife Split

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & wife Dany

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and wife Dany Garcia Johnson have separated, they have announced in a statement to People magazine

“While certain aspects of our relationship have changed, we are both vitally important to each other’s lives,” their statement reads. “We will continue to advance and manage our business interests, our philanthropic efforts and most importantly the raising of our child together, as a loving team. We’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last 17 years together as a couple and look forward to spending the rest our lives together as best friends and business partners.”

Johnson, 35, was a professional wrestler before turning to acting in The Mummy Returns, The Scorpion King and Walking Tall. In 1997, he married Dany, now the CEO of a wealth management firm.

They have a 5-year-old daughter, Simone Alexander.

Source:  People

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Mystery Man Seen with Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston‘s been single since her October split from Vince Vaughn – but she may have a new man in her life.

The former Friends star, 38, spent Memorial Day weekend getting cozy with a handsome mystery man with dirty-blond hair.

Although his identity remains in question, one thing’s for sure: During a romantic dinner at Santa Monica’s One Pico restaurant in the Shutters Hotel on Saturday, he had the actress’s undivided attention.

At 8 p.m. the pair slipped into the beachfront eatery with Aniston’s man gently rubbing her back as they waited for a table.

For the next three hours the duo talked by candlelight over a bottle of San Pellegrino, leaning in close and, at one point, even holding hands across the table. (Her rep had no comment on the dinner date.)

Still, it’s not as if Aniston needs a man to be happy. She seemed content to fly solo the next day at a local beach bash, palling around with neighbors Courteney Cox, David Arquette and their daughter Coco. Later, back at the Cox-Arquette abode, Aniston mingled with about a dozen guests while her pooch Dolly barked at the holiday commotion.
“Jennifer is doing so good,” longtime friend Kathy Najimy recently told People magazine.  “She’s fantastic. Couldn’t be better.”

Source:  People

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No Tell-All from Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s publicist is denying a report by Star magazine that the former Friends star is writing a dishy book spilling the details of her four-year marriage to Brad Pitt and their 2005 divorce.

“Jennifer has no plans to write a book,” Aniston’s rep tells “She is not looking to write a tell-all. She has no interest in it.”

The latest issue of Star dedicates its cover to the story titled “Finally! Jen’s $5 Million Tell-All!” and quotes sources telling the mag, “Jennifer Aniston is finally ready to pour her heart out and bare the intimate details of her charmed but troubled life in an explosive tell-all book.”

This isn’t the first time the actress, 38, has been accused of taking on a second career in writing.

Last year, Britain’s Daily Mirror published a story alleging that Aniston was planning to pen a tome about her relationship with her ex “to get back at Brad for his romance with Angelina Jolie,” based on a diary she supposedly kept during their relationship.


Source: Us Weekly

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