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Hugh Grant Wants to Hookup with Someone

Hugh Grant

Movie star Hugh Grant is unsure about marriage as he has seen other couples lose their passion for each other when they wed. The British bachelor boy split up from socialite girlfriend Jemima Khan in February after three years together and was previously in a long-term relationship with model/actress Elizabeth Hurley.

While he admits being single at his age is worrying him, he’s still not convinced marriage is the best option. He says, “It’s true that my age sometimes worries me. Each birthday is an almost unpleasant date – I told myself that being single in your thirties is fine, but at 46 it’s a bit worrying.”

“I would like to get married, but at the same time I’m horrified by those couples that I see around me and the lack of affection and passion that can result from the passing of time.”

This has nothing to do with what he said but looking at that picture, he’s one who got better with age didn’t he?   Hot!


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