Divorce on the Horizon for Dermot Mulroney

Dermot Mulroney & Catherine Keener

Dermot Mulroney, the hot stud that he is,  has filed for divorce from his wife, actress Catherine Keener, according to papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Huh, this must’ve flown under the radar, I didn’t even know they were married and actually forgot she existed.

Mulroney cites “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce. According to court papers, filed June 8 and released Monday, the couple separated in May 2005.

The couple, who wed in 1990, have a 7-year-old son, Clyde Keener Mulroney. In the documents Mulroney requests joint legal and physical custody of their son, and for property rights to be determined by the courts.

Keener has been nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar twice, in 2000 for Being John Malkovich, and in 2006 for her role as Haper Lee in Capote. She also starred in the comedy hit, The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

Mulroney stars in the new movie Georgia Rule with Lindsay Lohan, and has also appeared in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Must Love Dogs, and with Keener in 2001’s Lovely and Amazing.

Hope it’s amicable and easy on the kid. 


  1. paula said

    sos un bombonazo!!

  2. lara said

    para mi opinion es uno de los actores mas lindos de holliwood,espero q siga asi¡¡¡

  3. marina said

    quero muito te conhece.
    sou sua fa numero 1

  4. Mumba said

    This is truly sad hope they go easy on the kid.One thing is for sure-he really is a hot stud but only human

  5. joselina said

    sou louca pro você !!!!
    não consigo para de pensar em você!!!
    vc é muito lindo!!!!
    te adoro!!!!!!

  6. joselina said

    sou louca pelo seu filme ” muito bem acompanhada”
    vc esta muito lindo!!!
    afinal queria muito te conhecer!!!!

  7. joselina said

    vc é muito sexy

  8. Mary said

    Sorry to hear this. Divorce is never easy. Loved him in The Wedding Date!!! Well, if he is single, he is on my bucket list of dreamy people to do the town and paint it red!
    Sexy guy!!

  9. Denise said

    I love, love, love Dermot! He’s intelligent AND sexy. What a combo…

    All the best to him.

  10. Sandra Miranda said

    Oh my he is utterly breathtaking, his age seems to be making him even sexier than when he was younger.

  11. Janet F said

    I have always loved Dermot. He has been a favorite of mine for many years. I just watched Griffin and Phoenix and found him totally irresistable.
    Unfortunately, I read about his divorce and hook up with Tharita all today when I wanted to learn more about him. There aren’t any pictures online of his girlfriend or their new baby that was due in April 2008.
    I kind of wish the baby wasn’t born only 4 months after his divorce was final. I’m still old fashioned where you finish one thing before you begin another.

  12. Yes, he’s hot but seems lack of luck in his career! Just wish him happy and good luck!

  13. Teresa said

    Świetny facet… ciacho ! Ja proponuje go całkiem poważnie na role Bonda – jest przystojny elegancki, świetnie sie porusza, ma ujmujacy usmiech – ach kurcze wszystko ma! Baaardzo milusi!

  14. Fernanda said

    Inacreditavel… amor a primeira vista, conheço cada risquinho dos seus olhos, ate meu namorado perdi de tanto falar que homem com Dermot não existia, esse jeito sensual que tem não existe mais. Infelizmente, sempre vai encher somente os meus olhos com a sua beleza, sensualidade e masculidade no ponto certo, como nenhum outro homem tem. Quem sabe um dia passando pelo Brasil… voce não queira uma paulistana. Beijos

  15. Alcione said

    casa comigo então… amor da minha vida…

  16. Andrea said

    Well, I just finished watching The Wedding Date yet once again, and enjoyed every scene even more than the time before…go figure. Dermot Mulroney is one hot and sexy man…what fantasies exist for. Thanks.

  17. Norma said

    Es uno de los actores mas guapos, ojalá haga mas peliculas como la de la boda, me encanto su actuación, me gustaría que tuviera alguna pagina en donde nos pudiera responder, Dermot te adoro.

  18. Leda said

    Voce é muito maravilhoso e tambem como ator é demais…
    No filme “Muito bem acompanhada” não poderiam ter escolhido melhor, cara voce está muito sexy, muito..muito..muito tudo de bom…
    Parabens e espero rever-te em breve nos telões de cinema.


  19. ANÓNIMO said

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ya parece que los actores van a leer estos comentarios, nunca tendran el tiempo, slamente los ven las personas ke trabajan para el.

  20. darr247 said

    I just read elsewhere he’s cast in the lead for the remake (“reimagining”) of the Rockford Files series… Garner’s are some big shoes to fill.

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