Mary J. Blige poses at the Hamptons Magazine Cover Party

Mary J. Blige & Kendu Isaacs


Mary J. Blige & Kendu Isaacs

with her husband Kendu Isaacs at the Hamptons Magazine cover party in her honor at the Pink Elephant on June 9th in New York.


  1. T Q said

    cute couple im happy 4 her

  2. Twin said

    whats up im happy for here and that her husband is
    duing her right thats go i promise i love all of her songs
    its like i fall in love with her songs and she is my number 1
    fan for real and her now album Growing Pains i love that
    really i love every album she came out with one day i want
    to meet her in person for real and maybe one day me and her
    can make a song up together cause i can sing too i hope my
    dream come true

  3. kate T said

    mary j is the queen of hip hop n rnb every song she does jus makes u wanna get up n move her work n wot she has been through is inspiring 2 fans i idolise her she is brilliant i love her mwah lol x

  4. jordan said

    i am only 15 and i love Mary j. blige!! ive been listening to her since i was a baby, my mom loves her favorite album is the rebirth…she is a positive role model and a very successful women. i hope to meet her one day and sing with her! she is the greatest!!!! “I LOVE YOU MARY” XoXoXo

  5. Jodi said

    I luv mary, her positive energy and the fact that she has overcum all the negativity that has cum her way she show and teach me how to be a strong black woman , i now belive dat i can over cum anything dat cums my way. I luv u mary n hope to meet u one day,hopefully we can do a duet someday.

  6. divine dee said

    she’s the best of the best. Mary keep doing your thing and this is to all my sista’s this jus comes to show their is lite at the end of the tunnel. Great lookin family too

  7. dejanea said

    hi what are you doing today i love your pictures you look pretty you look just like my grandma she loves your songs she listen to them have of th time so do me text me back!

  8. Dejanea said

    i love your songs and your pictures look so pretty my grandma look just just like you she love to listen to your songs so do me your hairstyles are the bst i wonder who did it Text me back!

  9. I’m only 11 years old my birthday is november 20 1998 i love Mary j. Blige songs shes the best out of ciara everybody know that by now my grandma love all her songs me to i just want to meet her so we can make a song togther and we will be the best out of all people her hair styles are the best also dont forget i’m the number one diva nobody else!

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