Haylie Duff & Kevin Connolly in Hollywood

Haylie Duff & Kevin Connolly

on June 8th


  1. haylie duff is a snot said

    I know this is ancient history, but I just came across this picture of Haylie Duff and Kevin Connolly.

    Kevin Connolly seems like such a genuinely nice, down to earth guy, who sincerely wants to find a woman to settle down with and have children.

    Haylie Duff looks like she is reprimanding Kevin Connolly in this picture, and he has such a sheepish look on his face.

    What could poor Kevin Connolly have done to deserve this? Does he just keep going after the same type of girl, who takes advantage of his good nature and runs all over him? Does he always go for younger girls because he can’t hold his own against women in their earlier 30s?

    What shall we do to help Kevin Connolly avoid the likes of Nicky Hilton and Haylie Duff?

    Don’t you want to just jump into this picture and give Kevin Connolly a big huge hug?

  2. funny said

    Funny… I was thinking the same thing. Haylie Duff and Kevin Connolly look like an old married couple in this pic, who went out to dinner and the husband was being too friendly to the waitress. Sheepish is the right word. Haylie looks like she has something stuck up her butt and Kevin Connolly is feeling bad about something he probably didn’t do. Poor fellow. If you look at old pics of Nicky Hilton and Kevin Connolly, he has the same look. You ever get the feeling he just wants to be loved? You give him a hug and I’ll give him a kiss to make it all better.

  3. patty o said

    Kevin Connolly was lucky to get away from Haylie Duff. She’s a gold digger. First, she hangs on her sister’s coattails. Then, she took Hilary’s castoffs (Kevin Connolly really wanted to date Hilary Duff). Now, she’s partying on her sister’s name.
    Kevin Connolly deserves a nice, older, more mature woman, who will appreciate his good heart, generous nature, and senstive side.

    Does this cutie sometimes react off the cuff and say and do silly things impulsively (can we say “KEVIN CONNOLLY, HOW COULD YOU DISCUSS JULIANNE HOUGH ON HOWARD STERNS!!??? HOWARD STERN!!!??), yes?

    Does Kevin Connolly seem to be partying way too much and maybe losing a bit too much weight as a result (more hitting the gym for power drinks, my buddy!),yes?

    But, Kevin Connolly will thrive with the right woman and right relationship, not with sourpusses like Haylie Duff who obviously made Kevin Connolly feel bad (see above pic).

  4. Luckystar said

    I am surprised about this couple, i never would have ever thought they would be together…are they still together as of August 8 2008?

  5. omg said

    you guys need a life

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