Evan Rachael Wood & Marilyn Manson in Paris

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson


Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood, 19 and Dita Von Teese‘s soon-to-be-ex, Marilyn Manson, damn near 40, left their hotel in Paris on June 8th.

What.  The. Hell.



  1. Viv said

    What the hell? I know it’s unusual but it looks to me like they’re happy. We may not understand it, but we don’t have to. The fact is no one can know what they think or feel but them.

  2. Sean said

    Uhm.. Just so you all know, Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese were divored a long while back (during christmas they talked about there divorce). Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood have been dating for a while now.

  3. Krista said

    Awww they look so happy and cute. I love Him

  4. haydes said

    i dont care what ne1 say’s they look so cute 2getha no1 has the right 2 judge them. age is jus a bunch of numbers thats all they seem 2 luv each otha so jus bak off and let them have their privcy. i am marilyn mansons #1 fan i worship his music an ne1 who listens 2 his music an has seen the love makin scen in his new film clip (heart shapped glasses) they’d no that they r in luv an he’d do ne thing jus 2 keep her in his life. if u listen 2 his music an u luv it then jus keep it @ that his privet life has nothin 2 do wit ne1 else but him an his new luv evan so jus bak off
    i luv u marilyn luv haydes

  5. mellbell said

    I think it’s rather cute :]
    they look pretty good together, actually.
    allthough I must say I’m rather jealous. haha.

  6. Tori said

    I agree no one can say that he is too old for her, if she loves him and he loves her nothng else matters, just leave them alone to get on with their lives, i think its nice that they are happy, yes it seems strange that Marilyn Manson is dating a young girl but who cares i’m so happy for him and her cos i love him so much, and if his happy i’m happy, people just have a go about them two because ppl hate him. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!! god ppl have nothing better to do with their lives!!

  7. alyssa said

    yeah…well its not like shes..15…..,shes 19! so0o0o0o just stop with the whole age thing!!!!

  8. Kat said

    I am a huge Manson fan, he is great. serioulsy who gives a fuck about age. She is clearly over the age of 18 and now an adult and can do what she wants, I mean if i was her and Marilyn Manson presented himself to me, I’d be like FUCK YES!!!! TAKE ME, TAKE ME NOW…haha a bit dramatic, anyway, thank god for Manson keeping goth alive and dateing a cutie like her.

  9. Georgia said

    I dont care what any one magazine says, i own all his albums and if dating Ms. Wood makes him happy, I am all for it.
    They do make a cute couple, and I am slightly envious… But what the heck, Who cares??!??

  10. Melly said

    =) beautiful couple, shes a very lucky girl

  11. Cba said

    I think they are a beautiful couple, she is very nice and manson is a genious! i love his clothe! ^^

  12. April said

    frankly i think that manson is hot and deserves sum1 who will luv him 4 wat he is and im just sry that im too young:'( WHY ME ohh well ill hav him in my dreams

  13. twinstick said

    just so you know, both of them are dating far above their position…

  14. Lena said

    Ewww manson is the ugliest man ive ever seen but somehow hes got allure…damn…i like Dita wayyyy more. Manson probably needs someone less sophisticated than dita. But i guess if they’re happen, they’re happy….good on them…

  15. Suzzie said

    Hes Ugly

  16. joe said

    Your an amazing artist manson. Your the man and Evan Rachel Wood is hot.

  17. onyx said

    oh putin chui po experte en amour mé il von good ensenble

  18. Lauren said

    I really love Brian Warner and I love Evan too … so … I LOVE THEM!
    That is a fantastic couple (LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL)

  19. Luciana said

    I don`t speak english very well because i was born in Argentina but i think this…
    I love brian warner and i know that they are going to be very happy!
    this is a beautiful couple, and shes a very lucky girl because she have a beautiful man next she.
    I love marilyn manson. (L)


  20. steph said

    marilyn manson is one of the best artists ever
    as long as he is happy!!

  21. Mariana said

    a mi me parece que está bien, ella es re joven pero si esta con el debe de ser porque le gusta aunque mucho no pegan porque ella es como una “little girl” y el es un satanico pero se ven bien y felices

  22. Sinead said

    I’m happy for him.
    Although I preferred him with Dita, I think that if he’s happy with this girl, however young she may be, that’s awesome. Cause I know that if he ever wanted to date me, I’d sure jump on that.

  23. Robyn said

    verry happy no matter what anyone says and damn he is sexxxxxxxxyy i would jump at the oportunity to have him to myself *sigh* not gunna happen tho… he gots a girlfreind… .. a famouse one… one older then me… hotter.. pertier… but still damn he is hot and im sure they make a cuter couple then him and me would:P i am verry happy for the verry cute couple 😀

  24. Demona said

    it’s not all his fault, & i for 1 despise this guy,
    it’s also hers for going out with him knowing how old he is.
    It’s not like he’s forceing her.
    Hell, atleast he’s not raping little boys like Mikel Jackson
    (somebody’s going t try to burn me for saying that)

  25. samantha S said

    im a fucking loser. i have no friends at school, but i think i do. nobody likes me but i dont know how to take a hint. i have a crush on every guy that moves and has a dick ( even if its small)… i kinda like small cock… i love justin evans!! i think hes sooo sexy. i dont know if he has ever noticed me or not but one day we will be married and have lots of babies. im still a virgin tho… one day justin will pop my cherry and i will be sooo happy!

  26. Justin Evans said

    er, Samantha S, that’s my name… do I know you?

  27. Jane said

    All I have to say is, Gross.

  28. Wolfy Kid said

    Manson is fucking awesome! i love him and his music. And if they are happy just let them be happy. its no ones business but theyre own what goes on in their personal life so just shut the fuck up you haters! and that pix of them kissing and huggin is adorable! Go Manson!

  29. (s)A!NT said

    ok right im a huge manson … but dont get me wrong … but doesnt it look a little disturbeding .. im only 19 my self and fucking hell would i jimp at the chnace to be with him .. but come on i knwo theit famouse and what not … but he looks like her dad… doesnt that make you think wats going on in his head?

    after all he was with dita for some what 7/8 yrs …. and she doesnt look like a school girl now does she ?

    what was he thinking ?…..

  30. patricia said

    age means nothing, who gives a fuck their happy who cares we all just need to lay off marilyn manson 4 a while and let the poor guy live his life and the the messages he wont heard, heard. what is his love life any busyness of ours.?

  31. […] Dita Von Teese machte vor kurzem Schlagzeilen durch ihren Auftritt auf dem Cover des kommenden Atrocity Albums “Werk 80 II”. Marilyn Manson wird nachgesagt, dass er mit der erst 20jährige Evan Rachel Wood zusammen ist. […]

  32. blue maza said

    leave them alone mate I could only dream to be in her shoes good luck to them both. ps Brain I would have you in a heart beat if I had the chance

  33. CHERRY LANE said


  34. cheremarilyn said

    you know he changed his name to marilyn manson for a reason, and i am not trying to be annoy, but please call him marilyn manson
    and i think that they makes a beautiful couple although i thik she is a bit young it is not like they are getting married! (unless they are i no know)

    bagels are delicious

  35. Ashley said

    I love marilyn manson no matter what age!! i mean i am only 20….but still

  36. courtney said

    WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!! he should NOT be with her. NO NO NO NO!!!!!! what ever happen to dita!!!!! he should be with me, not her, not some preppy chick, he needs a dark girl, thats manson, not HER!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Tara said

    Believe it or not, it’s a very usual couple despite the age gap which is also becoming more common as of late.

    In regards to astrology, they are both Earthy; his Capricorn, and her Virgo. Marilyn’s Venus is in soft-hearted Pisces, while Rachel’s Moon is also in the watery sign of the fishes. They’re kooky little magnets drawn together. Adorable.

    and P.S.— Rachel’s pluto is in Scorpio which is quite the “dark” elusive planet, particularly associated with intimacy. There’s more than meets the eye people;)

  38. kerrey said

    i really like evan rachel wood she is an amazing actress and person and whatever makes her happy is whats right.

  39. calli said

    i luv him to death i am his #1 fan!!!!! what ever makes him happy ……
    alls im trying to say is that i wish i was her. she is so lucky to have somebody like marilyn manson and buy the way, hes fucking gorgous and some of these ppl hav a point its none of your business LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!! LUV U and keep writing those songs they r amazing and you r tooo

  40. calli said

    i almost forgot im only 12 and age is just a # he can dat who ever the fuck he wants as long as hes happy!!!!!

  41. calli said

    i almost forgot im only 12. age is just a number and he sould be able to date who ever the fuck he wants as long as their happy I LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!! i must admit i am a little jealous 🙂

  42. Valerie said

    What the f*** is soo wrong with what they want. Theyre happy thats all that matters. So fuck all you haters.

  43. Skylar said

    you did good manson you did good

  44. YazBerry said

    Marilyn Manson is only 27, jeez.

  45. Zoldyke said

    waaaaa so jealous!
    i love marilyn!
    wiiii he has a girl!
    t0o bad its not me =( buah
    i wanna kis him so bad!
    waaa so hot!
    WATCH HIM IN “this is the new shit”
    remarkable =P

  46. Trallala said

    Thy’re looks so happy and cute. MM is so lovely on the second pic 🙂
    I love him.

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