Claire Forlani Wedding Pictures

Claire Forlani and Dougray Scott


Claire Forlani and Dougray Scott


Claire Forlani and Dougray Scott





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  2. Im not telling said

    I am so pissed. I just found out Claire got married.

    I was just watching Meet Joe black for like the tenth time, and I cant get over how beautiful she looks in this movie. She is the definition of beauty. Dougray, your one lucky man.

    I always like to think that movie stars would like to date someone out of the movie business… I guess its just impossible.

    I mean, is it possible for a movie star to just meet some random person who is no where near as rich as them?


    its fun to dream…. if she ever reads this maybe this might catch her attention:

    I believe that human beings are a biproduct of the mystery and miracle of movement.

  3. dsa;oifjda said

    she needs to get a tan and get a new dress because all I want to do when I see this pic is *GAG!!!

  4. Amariama said

    What she NEEDS is an actual body. What’s poor Dougray going to do with all those bones?

  5. Missi said

    ma… la coppia era + bella secondo il mio punto di vista con drew barrymore una brava e stupenda attrice!!!

  6. Alex_Murphy said

    she is beautiful

  7. Alex_Murphy said

    она все еще невероятно красива даже в свои 36 лет =)

  8. carola said

    porque se caso dougray
    si es tan lindo
    yo lo amo

  9. cold-steel said

    the tears are in my eyes trough this site i just found out too.
    my dream is chattert but by god how fu*&kng beatifull she is.
    if ever this ….dougray wants to get out of this marige i will be his man to whipe the tears from claire”s face
    so douggray…….. you know how to find me

  10. Ethan said

    Dougray Scott is a really cool guy, I like his style! And he is a very good actor!

    Dougray, go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lolita said

    realmente no hacen bonita pareja, él es verdaderamente guapo y ella no lo es, desluce completamente con ese vestido que no le favorece en lo absoluto, debe cuidar mucho su apariencia pues al lado de tremendo hombre es muy posible que no dure mucho su matrimonio.

  12. Jennifer said

    I think she is a very beautiful girl. I saw her in Carolina Moon from Lifetime and I loved her in it. I hope they are very happy together.

  13. Susan said

    Dougray Scott is the most handsome man alive!!! He was not only great in Ever After but he was just as wonderful on Desperate Housewives!!

    I wish the happy couple many wonderful years together and if this young gal ever decides to leave him….Dougray you just come running to me 🙂

    Best wishes to you both~

  14. Stephanie said

    Well, at least she’s half Italian like me..she’s a pretty girl but not drop dead pretty, too skinny (she must get that from her other side which I believe is Scottish like him) anywho, I think she has terrific taste in men. I absolutely adore dougray scott and everytime I see Everafter I only wish that ‘commoners’ like me could meet sad. But the answer to someone else’s question is…yes, they sometimes do marry ‘ordinary’ people. Nicolas Cage married a waitress, and had a little boy with her, so good for you Nick LOVE Ya. Stephanie

  15. alain said

    i have never seen in my entirely life a woman like her who is so adductive to me…i can not even describe it…the way she looks in situations….no words

  16. Greg said

    Yes, indeed, try spellcheck…

  17. ching said

    i just watch meet joe black again…last night. shes really beautiful there and a very good actress. well now that shes married, i wish it will last, holloywood marriage ended too soon and worst, it turns out ugly..

  18. Really like both of them! Congrats!

  19. Rachel said

    i think Dougray Scott is very handsome especially with longer hair is wife is very lucky…..

  20. kiki said

    The man is gorgeous and gets better with age…I hope they will be happy together. I only want the best for him! Dougray, your fans have got your back:)

  21. No sean ven lindos y el principe tiene derecho a otra oportunidad….pero igual..Peeeeerra.

  22. boji said

    Hope your marriage will last forever. It’s a bittersweet feeling for me because I like you so much. Anyways, Congrats and God Bless!!!!

  23. TeodosiuS said

    WATCH OUT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE, THE MOVIE STARS … they care well of their lives!

  24. Renee said

    I am so happy for this beautiful woman and handsome man… every once in awhile you see actors who seem so genuine… even their acting cannot cover how good they are… even if they’re playing a negative role. These two spoke to me individually… her in Joe Black, and him in Ever After… I always hoped they were happy in their personal lives, and to have two such people I’ve always thought so highly of end up together is just wonderful!!!
    Congratulations you two!!! May the best of everything come your way!!!

  25. Serafina said

    She is quite possibly the most beautiful woman ever. Absolutely stunning.

  26. Робокоп said

    Действительно! Эталон красоты!

  27. photonaked said

    I am so happy for this beautiful woman and handsome man…

  28. She is beautiful.I love her

  29. Jorge said

    Ella es muy hermosa

  30. Hope said

    Jes!!! naah nev, mind.
    Wish u all the best in ur mirrage.. with tears of joy, i hope it last forever lyk luv from G-O-D.

  31. Victoria Saxton said

    I think Dougray (a younger version of Jeff ) and Jeff Bridges are the most seductive men to grace the movie screen…I think Dougray should wear his hair long it is so hot.

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