Michelle Trachtenberg Hooks Up with New Guy in Vegas

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg, 21 has a new boyfriend – and she was seen all over Las Vegas over the weekend with Brandon Hirsch, 26, who is a manager at New York City hot spot Butter.

The couple first stepped out Friday night at the Killers concert at the Hard Rock Hotel, where they kissed in the crowd and Hirsch swept Trachtenberg off her feet as the band launched into their hit “Mr. Brightside.”

Later that evening, the two headed to Caesars’ Palace’s Pure Nightclub, dancing to tunes spun by DJ AM.

On Saturday, they hit the Venetian’s Tao Nightclub for the Oceanaut Watch party. “They stayed by each other’s sides all night and they were making out all night,” says a witness.




  1. Johann Conrad DIpple said

    This rumor is false. Brandon Hirsch was working at Club Butter the weekend this allegedly happened. The story was completely made up by some goon at People magazine who had nothing better to do. But the story has some truth to it:

    Michelle Trachtenberg was in Las Vegas that weekend and she did to a Killers show – by herself.

    She also went to Wayne Brady’s birthday party. She went upstairs to the VIP room during the evening with a guy (Who wasn’t Shawn Ashmore or Brandon Hirsch.)

    And, she doesn’t date below her pay scale. Cold fact. He doesn’t make enough money to date her.

  2. jason wheeler said

    The words seem to be poignant, but johann must be jealous. The words come across more tactful but yet agressive, especially in the last paragraph. Michelle is a great actress. Unless Johann has proof to back this statment, it just becomes hearsay. No pictures or camera evidence. Only the horses mouth can say the truth, get the facts before presumtions.

  3. Don said

    Look at that nose and those lips. Good God.
    Yes, she’s a fine actress as well as gorgeous.

  4. bob said


  5. fllora said

    hy I love buffy and you you are beutiful

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