Jennifer Aniston’s New Hookup is…

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Sculfor revealed the man Jennifer Aniston was seen having a cozy dinner with over Memorial Day weekend.

Now the poor guy is on the new cover of the magazine as her new man.  Hopefully this doesn’t scare him off before Jen even gets a peek at his boxers.  If she hasn’t already.

The new guy according to gossip mag is  36-year-old British model Paul Sculfor and the two are rumored to have been dating for a few weeks now.

That Jen!  You gotta love her,  she gets right back on the old saddle doesn’t she? 

“He’s a lovely guy,” says his friend and former flame, London socialite Lady Victoria Hervey. “A gentleman. Simple things, like opening doors, he does all that. He’ll think of the woman before himself.”

Yeah, that is simple.  Hope he’s bringing more to the table than pulling door handles!

The 6-foot-tall former boxer and construction worker has shown up in ads for Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier, but he may be best known for a British commercial he starred in for Levi’s (see the YouTube clip), in which he plays a drowned fisherman with three mermaids desperately after him and his jeans.

Single since she split from Vince Vaughn last year after more than a year together, Aniston, 38, has taken her time getting back on the dating scene. Sculfor, meanwhile, formerly dated Lisa Snowdon (yes, George Clooney‘s ex) for two years.

Talk about your six degrees of separation… 

When it comes to relationships, Sculfor, who now lives in Los Angeles and is under contract with New York Model Management, once told Britain’s the Mirror: “It’s hard keeping a girlfriend in this business – you end up conducting your relationship on the phone.”

In Hollywood, that seems to be true, here’s to good long distance plans. 




  1. scarlett said

    The world is small ! Clooney could have told Jen & tie him earlier ! but too glued to brad and their OC, Darfur deals.
    BPAJ vs PSJA = Pitt..Paul vs Jolie..Jen. That sounds pretty plausible, although would have preferred the antidote to BP as PB ! Paul Berenson for example !
    He is handsome & ….funny : has something of BP physically !
    But Jen-Paul sounds friendlier than Pitt-Jolie. Yah..Jolie is not so jolie lately, but Jen is georgous!
    Brad looks whipped out, if not the pits..but this Paul is young, handsome, & apparently a Gentle-man…how refreshing & promissing ! Good luck Jen !

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