Enrique Iglesias: His Feelings on Marriage

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

Enrique Iglesias isn’t ready for marriage – despite dating girlfriend Anna Kournikova for over six years. The hunky singer, 32, was forced to deny reports this week that he had ended his long term relationship with the Russian tennis player. He says, “I don’t care about being single or married. Relationships are hard. I am sure children change everything. I don’t know. It’s just marriage… I don’t think I’m ready. Maybe when I turn 40 that will be a good time. You are not too young and you are not old. It’s a good age.”

Source: Starpulse News



  1. honey said

    That’s true ,too young for merried , infact a time will make a change,unless they’re still wait untill soon ,that is all constatly ,know@love each others as much as more like a couple love have nothing wrong,So will never sorry after ,so they are both good working and great future done! anyway they are matching and great couple love ,cheers.

  2. silver moon said

    said……. i know he was right but for me i don’t want to be Marriage Rule cause enrique wasen’t born for her she is Strip girl and this is a real reason to stop the relation and you honey said you are wrong about this couple cause i know she betray him ……..did you see her photos?!! ……….enrique iglesias this is a good advice from me stop your relation with anna kournikova and trust me you will be the happiest man in the world

  3. deema said

    oh,oh enriqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iam waitting:p

  4. Ece Gülay said

    very very bad enrique wanderfull but anna very very bad ugly I LOVE YOU ENRİQUE IGLESİAS….

  5. annie said

    i love you enrique i love you so much and if you ‘re sure that anna will make you happy so what are waiting for ,marry her ,she’s a prety girl ,and you deserve to be happy,and she is very lucky to have you ,you’re my hero enrique

  6. annie said

    i love you enrique ,i love you so much and if you think that anna will make you happy and you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with her so what are you waiting for,marry her ,you deserve to be happy and she is a prety girl and she’s very very lucky to have you ,enrique you’re my hero ,i love you so much

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