Alexis Bledel with New Boyfriend

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel best known for her role in the TV series Gilmore Girls and the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants roped in this cutie for her new boyfriend. I’m just gonna say it:

He’s too cute for her!

Not to mention, girlfriend needs to throw those boots away. Like yesterday.



  1. Elle said

    He’s too cute for her? She’s GORGEOUS. He’s Decent. You…are silly.


  2. haley said

    are you crazy she is sooooo pretty much more so than him. shes way too good for him. i dont even know who that loser she is with is

  3. Marina said

    you say that because you’re jelous, she es gorgeous

  4. jenny said

    omg.. those shoes are like heaven, they’re beautiful!!

  5. pot said

    I LOVE THE BOOTS!!!! That style is still going strong! They are cute together. He seems like a nicer guy than Milo.

  6. nanunanana said

    I think: They just fit together.
    Because he looks very cute,
    and she can relay on him.
    With beautiful shoes or not.

  7. linzee said

    May I remind you, Alexis Bledel is gorgeous. And he is defintely not too cute for her.
    That is the understatement of the year.
    And as for the boots-they are quite nice. Believe me, Alexis Bledel can pull off anything.

  8. sara said

    you’re nuts – he is moderately handsome but she is beautiful! and not just cute – beautiful!

  9. andrea said

    no seriously people stillwear those and that was in june
    also shes so not ugle

  10. yasmine age:20 said

    you guys are all fucking roung she is so fucking ugly if she could die tommorow i would be happy you people must be blind and her boyfriend is ten times worser than her you fucking people need classes

  11. Dakyung said

    are you fucking speddd
    i agree wit everyone above
    alexis bledel is freaking gorgeous
    and she can wear anything and still look ten times prettier than the average girl
    dont go hating her cuz shes more prettier than yu aree

  12. Dakota said

    I think as long as she is happy!! I’m not too sure why some people have a problem with her. If it’s because of her breakup with Milo nothing is as it seems. I think she is stunning!!

  13. Dakota said

    By the way, worser is not a word.

  14. karl said

    Yep no doubt about it she is beautiful,lets face it she isn’t going to turn up @ a party & steel your boyfriend & most moms around the world would be happy to see her walk through the door, but I do think she needs a month in the sun she always looks like death warmed up, having said that if I died tomorrow id b ok if she came to get me, the boots ain’t a hangable offence, but a guy in a cardigan?, & what about the body language they don’t look like happy campers to me shes more n2 her phone, & the middle of the roads a great place to have a conversation

  15. Kali said

    This new bf is like an REI model- so plain and oatmeal colored. Milo and her were like perfect. But I always wondered if their “romance” was faked just to make people more interested in Gilmore Girls, (not that is wasn’t the best show alreaday). Alexis is really pretty, he isn’t too good for her, no way.

  16. Hannah said

    Are you kidding ‘Yasmine’?
    Alexis Bledel is gorgeous, you’re just sooo jealous, i can tell.
    The guy is pretty cute, but nowhere near as cute as Milo. BTW, he is not too cute for her, and ure weird. Those boots are great! i wear a similar pair a lot of the time. so just shut up, they are not, “like yesterday” stop trying to be an american stereotype, it doesnt work for you.

    ta ta

  17. courtney said

    i think that they make a cute couple

  18. Sara said

    I think its you that needs glasses yasmine. She isnt ugly!!!! She looks great. I think tou jealous!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Carina said

    oh my god!!!she is sooooo pretty!!!but i have heard that she had coloured her hair blond!!!!!!

  20. anna said


    SHE IS TOO CUTE FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. gilmoregirlslover said


  22. viva said

    Yasmine, if you are going to insult, at least make sense. Worser is not a word. This is how it goes: bad, worse, then worst. Are you sure you are 20? Or were you a junior high drop out? Roung is actually “wrong,” like you being “wrong” for butchering the English language. Also, learn to use a fucking punctuation. And no, we don’t need fucking glasses seeing as beauty is in the eye of the beholder; however, clearly, Alexis is not an ugly girl, and most everyone here concurs. So, instead of wasting your time telling us to get glasses, why don’t you worry about getting a proper education? People from other countries have better grammar than you.

    Anyway, I dig Alexis’ boots. They have a touch of a vintage look; not to mention, they look comfortable. So, I’m glad she’s wearing them. And secondly, the guy is a cutie and he has it good that he has Alexis as arm candy. She is way gorgeous, and I would say she is too good for him.

  23. priscilla said

    She so cute fore him && em boot are hot!~

  24. Alexis said

    Stupid Yasmine.
    You are blind as fuck
    Alexis is one of the prettiest people on the face of the planet
    You’re just a jealous lonely bitch
    get over yourself
    Alexis is freaking gorgeous.
    And I like her style :]]

  25. mika said

    shes gorgeous, are you blind?

  26. Hannah said

    I agree with everyone. She is so pretty! I also love Gilmore Girls. I is freakin awesome. Jasmine you need to get over yourself. Don’t be a hater. Bye

  27. Hannah said

    Sorry I meant to say, “It is freakin awesome.”

  28. oneofthegilmoregirls said

    im with everyone else, yasmine needs to get a life and i just want to say that she is sooo beautiful i can’t believe that people think that he is too good for her when she is clearly too good for him…..i have been one of her biggest fans since the first season of Gilmore Girls, im a bit of a fanatic…….and i loved her boots plus she can wear what she wants and she doesn’t have to worry what other people say about her since almost all of the time its good
    see ya!! :]

  29. Jennifer said

    what are you talking about he is too good for her? i definately sense some jealousy there…i mean she is beautiful…and her boots are fine, crazy!

  30. jennifer said


  31. Megan said

    Those boots are totally back :S and alexis bledel is awsome.. So what the hell are you talking about…

  32. Megan said

    Btw,, You are a bitch. If you think alexis bledel is ugly you must be REALLY ugly. ALEXIS BLEDEL ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  33. buddingjournalist said

    people who say alexis is ugly are just jealous…. she is beautiful full stop.

  34. buddingjournalist said

    PS milo was so hot, but he doesnt deserve her if he broke up with her, and im happy to see alexis moving on.
    i still love milo though, but i love them both!

  35. dmpg said

    I agree with most of the people here. Alexis Bledel is not only beautiful but she has the most gorgeous eyes ever. I love not only how she acts but how great of a person she seems to be. I have never heard anything nasty about her on the tv and doubt I ever will. And for any one who could think that she isnt as beautiful as she really is, obviously you are blind. And probably Reeeallly jealous. Just get over it. Talking bad about her wont make you be pretty. srry.
    And as for the guy. He’s not the cutest but he’s not ugly either. I do think that she could do better though because she deserves it. I love her and she is a great role model.

  36. riees milo said

    who is this guy?
    I hope alexies did not blind, about this guy?
    I wish milo and alexis together again!!! (AMien)

  37. Rachel said

    WHAT!!!!!! Shes amazing and yeah those boots may be ugly but stop hatin on the girl!!!! He’s okay…I think she’s too good for him!!

  38. dminikan said

    For who ever is saying that hes too cute for her thats not true they look perfect together they make a great couple his not too cute for her and shes not too cute for him i wish him the best of lucks

  39. jin said

    what? she’s better than you.
    btw I think milo and alexis was best couple.
    but he looks great too.

  40. Lindsay said

    Who is that guy she was with?? Alexis is so great she is shy but pretty those boots are great so stop putting them down please.

  41. Victoria said

    Seriously… Alexis Bledel is beautiful. He’s scruffy, I thinks she could do better.

  42. me23home said

    maybe her boots are out of style but her boobs arent. boobs dont go out of style.

  43. Samii said

    jealous much? he is not too cute for her. they look great together. and if she loves those boots then she can wear them whether they are in style of not. get over yourself you just wish you were her!

  44. Alexia said

    Are you blind?! . Alexis Bledel is one of the most beautiful people on earth. You’re just green with envy!

  45. Alexia said

    Alexis could wear a cloth sack instead of clothes and still look gorgeous!

  46. Sadie said

    Obviously, she’s gorgeous. In deep denial if you don’t want to admit that.
    I don’t think he’s too good for her, though I agree her body language makes it seem like she’s unhappy.
    I don’t care for the outfit though, it’s not flattering.
    And the boots DO need to go.

  47. princess said

    that guy, whoever he is, is hot. alexis is beautiful. it works. stop hating.

  48. Anna said

    Wow, someone is a little bit jealous. Alexis is gorgeous, and anyone can see that, yeah, I’ll admit the boots aren’t the best, but they work for her. And he obviously doesn’t think he’s “too cute” for her, as you say. I think they look great together, and she’s an amazing actress.

  49. Samantha said

    OMG. i love alexis bledel.. shes AHHHazing.. n they make a really cute couple… so quit hating…..

  50. jessica said

    Well i think Alexis looks beatiful, no matter what she is wearing or who she is with . She is teh best.

  51. REGINA said

    I don´t know who wrote that he was to good for Alexis but maybe you need glasses or a brain, or you simply are to jealous because your fat and ugly, if anything Alexis is better than that guy, that i dont think anyone here even knows her name, so shut the f… up, and think before opening your mouth and saying bullshit. Pinche zorra envidiosa

  52. alice said

    she’s gorgeous.

    wonder what you look like..

  53. Emma said

    she is so pretty and i dont think she deserves him. she deserve Milo not that no name

  54. tere said

    alexis is gorgeous..and the boots are nice

    esta super bonitaa la chavaa mas bn el feoo vendira siendo el hombree.. las botas ps no digo q sean el hit pero estan bien..

  55. Missy said

    Dont hate on Alexis shes beautiful and those botts arent that bad

  56. Roxanne said

    Alexis is cool but thinks she is better than some people cause she plays the precious Rory on Gilmore Girls, but she is pretty most of the time and wears splendid clothes!

  57. Roxanne said

    Oh yeah and you spell boots B-O-O-T-S not botts!!!!!!!!!

  58. Katie Vilardi said

    Alexis Bledel is mad awesome and beautiful.

  59. Sweta said

    i love Alexis as much as the next person, but i think a lot of people like her more for rory and not actually her. She is mad pretty though, but i agree, the boots need to go, but the guy is definately… definatley, not too good for her

  60. jason said

    yo i know im a guy n most of u guys r chicks but from a guy’s point of view idk wut u girls think of alexis’s boyfriend but alexis is one of the prettiest girls out there ask any guy u know i hav a hard time thinkin any guy is too good 4 her shes like almost perfect idk anyone who doesnt think shes amazing shes the best

  61. britta said

    “viva” said it all i think. i love love love gilmore girls, but “sweta” is right, i love her as rory…such an inspiration! however, i’m sure alexis is a fabulous person herself. and she’s not just pretty, she’s ridiculously beautiful, but a very unique beautiful, not cookie cutter beautiful. even if you don’t think she’s the most gorgeous girl ever, you have to agree she’s pretty. if you can’t see that your obviously jealous. and pale works for her you tan nazis!
    the cardigans kinda dorky, but he’s cute enough
    to pull it off. and just because she’s texting doesn’t mean she’s not into him, remember that this is only one snapshot into her surely fabulous life.

  62. britta said

    ha! and i just read that comment from “jason” i love that guys
    post on these things! and why does it say 4:48 am on my post? what time central is this supposed to be on? cause it’s 12:54 in atlanta

  63. sarah said

    your a bitch, she is beautiful!

  64. noran from libya said

    first hello every one
    i am a huge fan of gilmore girls though its a bet boring
    but i like it the way it is
    and second alexis bledel is the most beautiful talented woman ever she is so successful
    and abouvisouly popular
    i love her clothing beacause theu cover up her body
    just fine plus she is so tall and perfect
    yasmin please dont give ur opinion about beauty and fashion beacause u simply just dont under stand .

  65. giulia said

    alexis is sooooooo pretty, and he’s sooooooo ugly…

    go alexis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love u!!!!!!! but change the boyfriend…

  66. Lucero said

    she is really beautifull

    he…not so much

    i didnt like the boots either

  67. Shaz said

    She is absolutely gorgeous! Any guy that stands near her will never match up!!
    The boots are stunning btw

  68. Andrea G. said

    i agree with everyone else i think she is an amazing person on and off the screen. in the show she had only 3 boyfriends but they were all soo great and cute she was lucky. my favorite was Logan he could be an ass some times but besides all that he was great i really wanted her to marry him. but when we were hanging out in a coffee house she was just so real and a normal person just like us not snoby or stuck up like other famouse people. well got 2 go l8r.

  69. mish said

    i’m with everyone else; alexis bledel is the most beautiful woman in showbiz. AND she dresses cute.

  70. Kellee said

    This new beau sorta looks like Jensen Ackles, if you squint . . . you dig?
    [He especially does in picture number 2- check it]
    Can we get a name for this John Doe? — Thought it was “Nate Archer,” but he’s just some weird-o that puts his head on celebrities bodies; way freaky.
    He’s good looking, she’s good looking, boots are good looking ’nuff said.


  71. Lynsey said

    “yasmine age:20 said,

    October 13, 2007 @ 8:48 pm

    you guys are all fucking roung she is so fucking ugly if she could die tommorow i would be happy you people must be blind and her boyfriend is ten times worser than her you fucking people need classes ”

    I have to say i agree with viva, Yasmin, if you going to insult, do at leasr make sense…”classes”.. i think you meant ” glasses” and no we don’t need them to know that she is just such a out standing actress who is just …. well i don’t really think there is a weird to out stand how beatuiful she is!! like come on her eyes??
    But they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and i guess thats what you have for Milo and im sure he would’nt for you, so get over yourself and stop hating.
    Also wh hate on a person that you have never met?? i bet you would’nt be saying al of this is she came up to you in the street now would you ??? and yeah “worser” not a word… but wait a\ minute mabye thats why you hate her?? because she knows how to spell, grammer, punctuation and mostly knows that ” glasses” is spelt with a G! when you add a C it then becomes “classes” and i think thats what you need darling in english !!
    People dont be jealous x

  72. Tish said

    what the hell are you on about? She’s beautiful and gorgeous and possibly the cutest thing ever. I cant say much for him to be honest. Milo was so much hotter.

    And the boots. Aint nothin’ wrong with them. Kudos to her for not wearing stupid high heels, those look comfy and she doesnt exactly seem to be bothered weather they’re ‘in’ or ‘not in’ God you people who are obsessed about fashion really have no idea.

  73. jjjjesssica said

    alexis bledel is gorgeous
    and anyone who says otherwise is just jealous
    and you know that you’d kill to be half as pretty as her.

  74. Chelsea said

    You’re ridiculous. She’s friggin GORGEOUS! He’s cute too, but a far cry from “too cute for her.”

  75. T said


  76. Anna said

    She’s beautiful , He’s kinda cute .
    You’re just jealous, get a life!

  77. Roxanne said

    HAHA evryone needs to stop picking apart other people!!! BE NICE COME ON!!!

  78. Poka said

    envy. haha, she is damm cute.

  79. Roxanne said

    Seriously BE NICE…do u think alexis bledel is worth it to fight about!! U wonder why all the wars are going on!!!

  80. jessica said

    ya you are absolutely nuts – alexis bledel is stunning and that guy is just above average…. you should get your eyes checked!

  81. Ivy said

    Alexis is anything but ugly ! She really is a beautiful woman … but i’m with you on the shoes, they’re more than outdated.

  82. faith said

    Whaaa? You’re crazy! Alexis is gorgeous…and honey have you seen those blue eyes she has? You are stupid. I think they make a cute couple. Oh yeah..and her boots are awesome.

  83. Kacey said

    his to cute for her? really?
    for one he doesn’t even reach that rating and two his lucky his going out with her cause she;s gorgeous.
    i think sum 1 needs to make an appointment with opticians.

  84. Yanis Maria said

    She’s cuter than him!!!

  85. Chelsea said

    She’s really pretty!!!! I like Matt Czurchy for her!!! He’s sooooo hott!!

  86. Kayla said

    someone is jealous..

  87. *Dessa* said

    Are you kidding? She’s Gorgeous.
    He’s cute, sorta.
    But still…
    I love Milo with her.

  88. *Dessa* said

    I don’t know if I like the boots tho but to each is own and the style is awesome [:

  89. Raquel said

    Ela é linda!!! Ele é feinho

  90. megan said

    seriously? she is beautiful howww could you say he’s too cute for her? that’s ridiculous

  91. monica said

    u fuckin pep’s r all wrong he is good w/ her but i love MILO w/ her better

  92. monica said

    she is so awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee and soooooooooooooo is miloooooooooooooooo

  93. sawyer said

    agree as in not a fan of the boots but the girl is gorgeous! i for one lived vicariously through her rory days–and also when she dated milo ventimiglia (that was a beautiful couple).

    the guy’s pretty good looking. hopefully they can stay together long enough to make milo snap out of his too-young-and-barbie-looking girl phase (ie hayden pantierre?!!) and get back together with alexis [RORY AND JESS FOREVER! and i just completely ruined this post…ah well, i’m a diehard for them :D]

  94. Alex said

    Glad to know Five heads are back in style.


  95. hello said

    hey!whpever made tht comment about alexis is just jealous!..she is stunning and tht guy os fit so they r perfect for eachotha!!!!!!!!!

  96. Beauty said

    Alexis is soooooo Pretty.
    I fell in love with her for the first time I saw her on the TV show GilmoreGirls.
    What I love about her is that she’s not sexy but has class.
    This new boyfriend guy is soooooooo cute, too and they make a cutest couple!!!

    Oh….did you guys know that Alexis’s first language was SPANISH ?????
    Her father is ARGENTINA and mother is MEXICAN.
    thoguh Alexis looks more like EUROPEAN……………………………………………….

  97. anen said

    “Beauty said

    Her father is ARGENTINA and mother is MEXICAN.
    thoguh Alexis looks more like EUROPEAN”

    Stop being so Ignorant you obviously have not traveled to Argentina or the Metropolis’ of Mexico or watched their Telenovelas at least. The majoirty of Argentinian populations is White and 10-15% of mexican populations is White which they call Criollos obviously her mom is a criollo. Google Belinda or RBD they are famous Mexican Entertainers or William Levy Huge Telenovela Hunk back home All of them are White.

  98. Zoel said

    I saw Alexis walking down the street in Soho last year and she is even MORE beautiful in person. Someone else already said it earlier, but I think I like her more for her persona in Gilmore Girls than the actual Alexis Bledel (but she is still nauseatingly beautiful). As for Yasmin, your post shows that you have as much class as education.

  99. Michelle said

    She’s hideous…i couldnt watch gilmore girls because of her face. Any boy is too cute for her. She looks like an ugly twelve year old. I dont hate her, im sure shes a nice person but the girl is freaking ugly. If she wasnt famous no one would call her beautiful. If you guys think she’s beautiful im scared to see what your faces look like.

    Gilmore girls is on right now and I was so annoyed by her face I googled “rory gilmore is ugly” and it brought me here! Thank God some people have sense. This made my day to know the world isnt blind.

  100. douglas said

    too cute for her??


    she is the most beautifull woman in this fucking world

  101. Heidi said

    Hey People!!!!
    Watch Alexis Bledel Nude Video at….

    Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy…
    Good Quality video… 😉

  102. anne said

    Pshh the guy looks like a girl. Shes too good for HIM, not the other way around.

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