Brittany Murphy’s Husband Sounds Like a Disaster

Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack

Brittany Murphy and Factory Girl executive producer and writer Simon Monjack shocked friends and family in April by marrying after only four months of dating. The couple skipped the proposal and honeymoon, exchanging Neil Lane rings in a private L.A. home with only their families present.

But now Murphy’s inner circle is growing concerned about her new man’s history before he swept Murphy, 29, off her feet.

Among his troubles: two warrants for his arrest in Virginia for alleged credit-card theft and fraud; an unpaid $6,087 legal bill, and a $502,910 judgment against him by a British investment firm.

And Us Weekly reports in its new issue that Monjack gave his former fiancée, British film producer Taira Rafiq, an engagement ring he had told her was a diamond but was, in fact, cubic zirconia. “Taira tried to get in touch with Brittany to warn her,” a Rafiq pal told Us .

He also was jailed earlier this year for overstaying his tourist visa, and Murphy, 29, had to bail him out. “Simon began pushing for marriage, since he was going to be deported,” says a source, adding that Murphy paid for her own engagement ring

Monjack told Us, “It is a real tragedy that success, greed, envy and celebrity are the motivation for attacking my family and character.”

Source:  Us Weekly



  1. Ashley said

    Wow, he is UGLY, and she’s so pretty, I just can’t believe it. Thumbs down for Brit.

  2. Me said

    To whoever said WOW, he is ugly, I just wanted to say to you that when this world comes to an end, you WILL be judged for being judgmental. You need to go thru something hard and learn to have to depend on others and learn that life is precious and looks don’t matter as much as you think they do! Everyone is not born beautiful and that is not their fault. We are all who we are and you should learn to accept that. I feel sorry for you because something is going to have to happen to you or someone you love to teach you that lesson. Wake up and get out of your judgmental zone. Everyone who tries at life deserves the same respect. You are the type of person that should have been born blind or needs to go blind and accept people for who they are and not what they look like. I do not wish that on you but you really need to take this into perspective.



    • Elle said

      Isn’t it judgmental to tell someone that they’re being judmental? And if so, doesn’t your whole lecture apply to yourself as well?

      • Neecie said

        now, now – everyone is entitled to their own oppion. As long as SHE was happy with him who are WE to judge?

    • Fred said

      Okay people…… Now that she has passed and the truth is inevitably going to come out, how do you feel saying all of those degrading remarks. Maybe you should think before writing such bad remarks about someone!! I am really no huge fan of Hollywood, and some things I agree with in respect to the way-out lifestyles that some of them lead. However, there are some cases (like this one) where it very well may be apparent that Brittany was a victim of a con-artist. Too bad that a very promising person was lost to the greed of this guy….if he is indeed found guilty! I can’t judge anyone but, I do hope and pray that justice will prevail and May God have mercy on him. One of the saddest psychodramas that Hollywood does to these young girls is make them feel that they are too fat!! Many of these young ladies are fine and their body fat is well within normal limits. But since these gurus tell them that they are fat, they go on binges constantly flushing out their systems with diet pills, laxatives and other means to keep their bodies from having any nutrition that they need from the little food they do eat! And it’s all for what, to get into some cute little pink, yellow, fuchsia, or whatever color that the fashion experts say is the hot thing to wear. Meanwhile, these girls are dying!! We see them on the cover of magazines and say how cute they are but, when the cameras are off of them, they are suffering from malnutrition, psychological abuse and pressure to not gain any weight or their contract is over!! Come on girls, you have soooo much more value to yourselves than these chumps say! There is a handsome man that will treat you very good and respect you regardless of how much you weigh! Real love connections are made in the soul of two people not the bodies. I don’t mean let yourself go, you should try to take care of yourself but, losing focus of the real meaning of beauty brings these types of results. I say, lets put Hollywood under scrutiny to avoid further deaths like this and other. I am off of my soapbox now. I pray for the family and friends of Brittany. May God console you.

  3. hemely erives said

    I think we should just respect her death…i agree with whoever said were no one to judge others no matter what we think she deserves respect and her family too.

  4. hot said

    This is either a suicide or he killed her with the prescription drugs.

    When Ashton’s face pop-up in the news, I got it completely. He dumped her for an old bag….Demi. Brittany was crushed. Then she was con into marrying a lier and a criminal. She was just too shameful to live any longer. Being dumped by a guy she loved, he then married an old bag added insult to the injury…. there is no hope to life any longer….. Hope life is better on the other side girl.

    No griefing husband will appear on tv right-a-away to speak non-sense. He perhaps had been drugging her for months until she died…. just look like her last few photos. Drug addict looking.

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